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May this new year bring us all sweetness, happiness, and a more peaceful and understanding world. Let us all learn to love ourselves and each other, give hope, fight for the rights of all people, and cherish every moment of our lives. 

The L Word is my favorite show of all time. Ilene Chaiken sparked a phenomenal feat when she created this show - she made it possible for individuals, including myself, to finally find the courage, the bravery, and the pride to be who we are. She gave voice to so many issues that are SO RELEVANT today, and personally gave me hope that this world will indeed get better. 

Everything about the show is amazing to me - the cinematography, the score, and most of all, the CHARACTERS. Every character in this show has a story and a personality that is delved into deeply and subtly, with both humor and emotion that resonates so much with me.

The cast is truly magnificent and the real standout feature of the show. All the cast members, in my opinion, put their hearts and souls into their characters, and really let them shine in every episode of the show. 

This is a HUGE shout out from me to Ilene Chaiken and the cast of The L Word-  I love you so much and am so profoundly grateful for discovering your show! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you!

" ‘If you could live an eternity and not change a thing or exist for the blink of an eye and alter everything, what would you choose?’ "


Let him wish his life

For the sorrows of a stone

Never knowing the pain of ice 

As its crystals slowly grow

Needles pressing in on the heart

To live forever

And never feel a thing

To wait a million lifetimes

Only to erode and become sand

Wish not for the stone

But for the fire

Last only moments

But change everything

Oh to be lightning

To exist for less than a moment

Yet in that moment

To expose the world to every open eye

Oh to be thunder

To clap and ring

To rumble into memories

Minds and spines

To chill the soul and shake the very ground

Pounding even the sand

Into smaller pieces

Or the mountain

Brooding, extinct

Yet gathering for one fatal moment

The power to blow the top clean off the world

Oh to last the blink of an eye and leave nothing

But nothing unmoved behind you

Vincent Guilliano

January 9, 1991

From The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them




The code…decoded network  surfing the web for LGBT+ news and entertainment to share with our community: 




this as a woman makes me upset that technology could go this far

Granted the android is female but that is not the point of the story they could have very easily made it a male and the message would have been the same.

Watch it again. the story is about the fact that the droid (Kara) is acting feeling and expressing love and fear for here life when she/her program was written to serve with out question. Kara was breaking the rules of the program that was installed in her. She was abnormal compared to the rest of the units built with the same programming. 

It is a great mirror comparison to the LGBT+ and the way society has viewed us and anyone else for that matter if they did not fit in the same box as the heterosexual construct of normality…   

This interpretation of “Kara” by Quantic Dream is beautiful. The LGBT+ community, unfortunately, is marginalized and sometimes dehumanized in today’s society. We must remember that regardless of sexuality we are HUMAN, meant to live and follow our hearts. No matter what, we will NOT be destroyed. We will fight to live. We have a RIGHT to live. 

When Kara cried, “I’m scared - I want to live,” my heart went out to her and to all those victimized for just being who they are. 

This video is just so powerful. It reminded me that we should never stop being ourselves to fit society’s norms, and always fight to keep living freely, with love and not regret. We must always follow our dreams and our hearts, because WE are who matter.

In honor of tomorrow’s National Day of Silence, I wanted to share with all of you a film that moved me beyond words. “Boys Don’t Cry” is based on the true story of a trans man named Brandon Teena whose life came to a tragic end as he tried to follow his heart. Hilary Swank is phenomenal in her role as Brandon - she is sensitive, humbling, and honest. Her performance in this film earned her the first Academy Award of her career, and personally made me love her as an actress even more. 
When I first saw “Boys Don’t Cry” a few months ago, I cried my heart out. A film had never made me cry as much as this one did. This movie, and the legacy of Brandon Teena, proved to me that no matter what your sexuality is, you are indeed HUMAN. It made me realize that hate crimes still occur against LGBT youth today, sometimes ending in bitter tragedy. I was moved, frightened, hurt, outraged, and paralyzed by this movie. But I was also empowered, determined, and driven to take action against hate and intolerance towards any human being. 
"Boys Don’t Cry" presents a painful, difficult truth that we must not ignore - hate kills. But it also presents something more - the will, the strength, and the COURAGE to be yourself. 
So tomorrow, when some of us will be silent to honor those whose lives have been shattered by anti-LGBT bullying and hate, remember that we are trying to bring an end to the violence. Remember Brandon Teena. And remember that you should NEVER be afraid to be who you are.

Tomorrow (April 19, 2013) is the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network (GLSEN)-sponsored National Day of Silence, a student-led day of action that brings awareness to the silence effect anti-LGBT bullying has in schools. It is a very important day. We must all remember that anti-LGBT bullying still occurs today, and this Day of Silence marks a chance to speak out with a deafening silence to the public eye how harmful bullying can be. What will you do to end the silence? Please visit for more information. 

Remember to stay strong, speak out, and be proud of who you are! 

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